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    Jiyuan LanMan energy-saving technology co., LTD

    Address: henan jiyuan yuquan industrial park

    Zip code:459000

    Sales phone:0391-5563333   

    Customer service hotline:0391-5563666


    Web site:www.ariyae.com

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    Service hotline:0391-5563666

    Service principle: humanist, take the customer as the center

    Service concept: customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit

    Korean customer visited the company

    Korean customer visited the company

    Release date:2015-08-13 00:00 Source:http://www.ariyae.com Views:

    On August 13th, Korean customer visited Lanman Technology. Accompanied by the general manager, Mr. Kong Lingbin, the customer visited the constant temperature air conditioner production workshop, PE/PP-R pipe automatic production workshop, heat insulation aluminum doors and windows production workshop, LED light distribution material production workshop, LED lamp assembly workshop, optics laboratory and mechanics laboratory. After detailed understanding of the performance of our products, the Korean customer affirmed the development concept of science prospering the enterprise, quality standing the enterprise and innovation enriching the enterprise and highly appraised the LED energy-saving lamps and heat insulation aluminum door and window, and also expressed his strong intention for further cooperation.



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